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Powder Sieves commonly used for powder coating

A sieve is often used in a powder coating system to help eliminate contamination and rejects. Sieves are used quite often in automatic powder coating systems, and it is very important in systems that reclaim, but even some batch powder coating operations see the benefit to using a good sieve to keep larger particles from entering the powder path and being sprayed onto your parts.

Large particles can enter your spraying operation at many different points throughout the way, for instance, sometimes the powder can arrive at your facility from the trucking company in large clumps because the powder was allowed to get too hot in transport or while in storage. These clumps must be broken up in order to be properly sprayed through your system.  A good powder sieve is also important to have if you are reclaiming your powder to be re-used. Any trash, hooks, etc. that falls into the powder stream can become lodged in the system and cause contamination on your parts or it can stop your spraying operation all together.

There are different sieves available depending on the application and what you are trying to achieve, most commonly they are the Rotary sieve, the Ultrasonic sieve and the Vibratory sieve.

Rotary Sieves are commonly used with automatic powder systems, partly because they offer the advantage of exhausting any dust particles plus they are automatic and require little maintenance, but they do require maintenance as they do have bearings and the nature of their environment is to operate in powder . The AZO Rotary Sieve is arguably the most widely used sieve for this application, contact us at to learn more.Vibratory Sieves are also very popular and tend to be used more with batch systems and “0ff-line” sieving operations. These sieves require very little maintenance but can be require a lot of labor and they do not sieve very much powder, because of this they are not well-suited for production type automatic operations. Husker Finishing Equipment has a nice sieve for small batch type operations or “off-line” sieving in automatic systems. You can contact us by going to to learn more.

Ultrasonic Sieves are becoming more popular as the market is going towards smaller runs, more frequent color changes smaller in-process batches of powder. Ultrasonic sieves can function in both of these environments just fine and can be used with an automatic system or with a batch operation. Wagner has a line of powder coating equipment that utilizes Ultrasonic sieving technology for quick color change and 

You can contact Buy Rite Finishing at or by calling 888-647-9929 to discuss your options with one of our experienced sales staff.

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Powder Coating Consultation

Recently we got a call from a major manufacturer of automotive components looking for help with their Powder Coating Operation.

They had just recently changed their Powder Filters but powder was still coming out of their Booth. It was getting inside their Oven, it was getting all over the other equipment in their shop and they didn’t know why.  In addition, they wanted to increase their conveyor speed but the Oven wouldn’t keep up and they were concerned that their Washer was going to be able to handle the increase in line speed too. All in all, they just didn’t feel like things were working correctly and wanted to get a professional opinion on their total system.

Buy Rite Finishing  went there and conducted an in-plant Consultation where we looked at their current process, what the problem areas were, and made plans on how to correct the issues. They weren’t just looking for recommendations, they wanted solutions and an action plan on how they could implement and execute the changes.

Buy Rite Finishing has many years of experience in the Powder Coating and Painting Industry to help you in making your system work more efficiently and cost effectively.

Give us a call at 888-674-9929 or reach out to us at to schedule an in-plant Consultation or Complete System Audit today!

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Powder Coating and Painting Consultation, System Audits and Appraisal Services

Buy Rite Finishing has over 75 years of experience providing solutions and answers for the Metal Finishing Industry, and as a trusted name in that industry, we offer Consultation, Evaluation Audits & Appraisal Services.

Whether the goal is make your current Powder Coating or Painting System perform more efficiently, develop periodic maintenance routines or if you’d like to get a Finishing System Appraisal for your bank…we can help!

Contact Us today at 888-647-9929 or you can email us at

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Quick Color Changes in under 30 seconds

I learned to powder coat back in 1986 on an old powder coating unit with square hoppers. Back then we didn’t have any fancy equipment to help us powder coat, much less change colors, so if we wanted to go faster we had to work faster. One of the biggest challenges I faced when I was coating, which still seems to be the challenge of almost every shop I go into today….Color Changes!

There are basically two styles of powder delivery methods for application guns, the Fluidizing Hopper and the Box Feeder, both of these methods work extremely well at delivering powder to the powder gun.

The Fluidizing Hopper is a tried and true method where compressed air is used to suspend powder inside the hopper to be picked up and sent out to the gun. This method allows the powder to be constantly conditioned with clean dry air, which is ideal for powder delivery and application. While the delivery method of powder to the gun is quick and easy, performing a color change with a fluidized hopper is sometimes not so quick and easy as you have to dump any unused powder back into the box and clean out the hopper for the next color. This task usually takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on how large the hopper is and how thoroughly it’s cleaned out.

The other proven method is the Box Feeder. These work very well and allow for fast and easy color changes, however, powder doesn’t always fluidize consistently and evenly over long periods of time. This can be problematic with long runs of powder or in hot/humid areas, and you find yourself constantly kicking the box or running your hand through the powder coating so the gun will spray properly.

Husker Finishing Equipment  has come up with a solution that offers the best of both worlds…..The ColorBOARD.

The ColorBOARD let’s you do a color change in under 30 seconds and can be used with 2 powder coating guns and up to 6 colors! Multiple ColorBOARD’s can be hooked together for more colors.

Contact Us Today at 888-647-9929 or to LEARN MORE about how the ColorBOARD can save you time and money!

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Pre-Engineered Blast Room

A Pre-Engineered Blast Room has all of the essentials for an OSHA compliance blast room at a fraction of the cost. They are an attractive alternative to makeshift enclosures or high priced custom blast rooms and come in many different sizes to fit your budget, space requirements and project needs.

After you’ve chosen your size there are a list of options that can be added to your blast room. These options include Dust Collection, Blasting and Recovery Systems and Operator Safety Equipment.

Because these systems are Pre-Engineered they can ship in 6-8 weeks, that’s almost half the time of a custom engineered system.

If you are thinking of putting in a Blast System – whether it is a manual Cabinet Blaster, a Blasting Room or an Inline Monorail Blaster – you can contact Buy Rite Finishing to handle all of your needs! We can be reached by phone at 888-647-9929 or by email at


  PEB Pneumatic Recovery Bucket Elevator with Sweep Chute Sweep In Wall Hopper Custom PEB Side Wall Doors PEB Side Wall Pre Engineered Booth PEB Wall Curtains

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Refill your Blast Pot the quick and easy way

Complete Vacuum Recovery System

With a Vacuum Recovery Systems (VRS) you can quickly recover media to all Empire SuperBlast® portables, or any sandblasting pot with a diameter of 18, 24 or 30 inches.

With this pneumatically powered system you can move up to 140 pounds of A-36 aluminum oxide in 1 minute, that is over 8,000 pounds in an hour. The vacuum will lift 9 feet with 200 CFM of air @ 100 PSI.

The standard Vacuum Recovery Systems (VRS) features welded construction with a durable finish. They also include:

  • Storage Hopper with viewing window
  • Empire’s Vacutrans™ high velocity venturi head
  • 2″ adjustable carburetor
  • Floor loaded hopper with trash screen (may be recessed in pit for sweep in collection of abrasives)
  • 2″ connections for both Inlet and Outlet
  • Optional silencers and exhaust hose extensions for sound attenuation.





To contact Buy Rite Finishing and learn more about Vacuum Recovery Systems or any of Empire’s full line of Blast Equipment you can always reach us at 888-647-9929.



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Conveyor Maintenance & Lubrication

With constant and systematic inspection & service you can easily detect and cure issues with your Conveyor System before they require larger and more expensive solutions.

2000L-MightyLube-8568-300x233Preventative maintenance is paramount in any conveyor system. Lubrication is the most commonly overlooked factor and can lead to early failure!90003L-IBeam Lubricator





The wheels, or trolleys, are an important part of any conveyor system but just as important are the chain and connecting pins. These allow the chain to flex around horizontal and vertical corner, while giving a positive coupling device to the Drive system.
When these pins and connecting points become dry, it will lead to premature wear and eventually total failure.

A small amount of wear is normal, even when the chain is new, but problems can start to occur when it is allowed to get outside of this tolerance. Depending on which type of conveyor you are using, the tolerance differs.

As each connecting point on the chain wears, it causes the placement of each horizontal chain openings to become further and further apart. When this happens, the Drive Sprocket, which has “dogs” on it to fall into the chain, will start to miss the openings on the chain and the chain will jump and/or surge. Each time this happens it stretches the chain even more to accommodate the drive sprocket. Over time, this stretch becomes so severe that chain replacement is necessary.

IBeam Chain Brush-Non PoweredAnother Preventative Maintenance item may be necessary is a conveyor brush. There are many different types of brushes available to match the many different types of conveyor available. There are also many different areas of the conveyor that you will need to keep clean.




Buy Rite Finishing can help you with the purchase of an Automatic Lubricator which is designed to properly lubricate these points on the conveyor to prevent premature wear.

CONTACT US today at 888-647-9929 or via email at to learn more!

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Modular Environmental Rooms

An Environmental Rooms is used to control the environment for a particular process or equipment storage. The enclosures isolate the contents from the manufacturing facility environment. The wall partitions can be of a variety of construction material available to meet chemical resistance, sound, and fire rating requirements to meet your needs.

Modular Environmental Room, often times called Clean Rooms, are a cost effective and timely answer to your clean room environment needs.
The Pre-Engineered and Pre-Fabricated building design allows you to immediately put the facility to work with minimal installation, therefore, avoiding costly down time.

You can choose from many window, door and lighting options. Modular Wiring Systems are also available and can provide you with a multitude of connections at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to Environmental Rooms, Buy Rite Finishing can also assist you with:

• Injection Molding Rooms
• CMM Rooms
• Equipment Enclosures
• Quality Control & Inspection Rooms
• Printing Rooms
• Pharmaceutical Packaging
• Laboratories
• Thermoforming Equipment Enclosures

Contact Buy Rite Finishing today by calling 888-647-9929 or emailing us at
We will show you the benefits of a modular building systems in your operation.


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Purchasing a Batch Oven

Because of the high level of interest in Batch Ovens, we felt it was important to explain some of the differences.

USED vs. NEW – This is probably the biggest misconception out there. In most cases, the benefit from the lower cost of a used batch oven quickly fades away after you pay all of the hidden costs such as removal, repair, etc. it’s not that great of a deal.  Let’s say that you find a Used 8x8x20 Batch Oven for $17,000. That sounds like a pretty good deal, until you figure in these hidden costs:

  • $7,500 removal cost (that’s a pretty typical cost for an oven removal of that size).
  • $1,000 to replace the Insulation Between the Panels. This insulation is never saved when doing a removal, but it never gets brought up when you’re negotiation the price of the oven.
  • $250 for replacement Floor Channel. This is the channel that’s bolted into the concrete around the perimeter of the oven upon install and is never saved during a tear-out. Usually it’s shot into the floor and cannot be removed, or it is often too bent up or broken to use again. Either way, you’ll want to replace it before you install the Used Batch Oven.

When you add up the above expenses, that Used Batch Oven will really cost you $25,750. You can buy a New Batch Oven for about $25,000.  This isn’t always the case, but it happens about 80% of the time. The problem is that, by the time you find out what that Used Batch Oven will really cost you, it’s too late and you’ve already started down the road. There’s no turning back now!

The other problem, that isn’t mentioned above since you can’t put a price on it, is the cost of not having a warranty. If anything happens to your Used Batch Oven, whether it’s before or after the installation, you’re on your own and have no support.


EFFICIENCY & AIRFLOW – There have been many advancements in the Batch Oven world, and many of them are related to the efficiency of your oven’s performance. There is a direct engineering relationship between the amount of BTU’s being put into the process air of the oven, just like, there is a direct relationship to the amount of hot air that is flowing through your oven and the amount of time it takes for the oven to heat up.  Don’t be fooled into simply thinking more is better! Just because the oven uses a larger burner or fan doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be more efficient.

We should also discuss how the heated air is being distributed through the oven and how it is being returned to the burner box to be re-heated. These are all important things in the way your batch oven works, and should not be messed with or tweaked in order to get a different outcome or to change the size of your oven. In other words; if you need an 8’w X 8’h X 20’l Batch Oven, you cannot take an 8′ X 8′ X 8′ Batch Oven and simply make it work by adding more panels and turning up the gas pressure or fan pulley size.


OVEN DOORS – The overall construction of your oven is very important, but don’t overlook the most important piece of construction on your oven…THE DOORS!   You will be constantly opening & closing them, moving parts in and out and banging into them with carts or forklifts or both. Your Batch Oven Doors take a lot of abuse throughout the day and they need to be tough. Besides being tough, they need to be able to take a lot of abuse and not break. Let’s face it, even the toughest of equipment needs to be fixed sometimes, maybe they get bent a little or they need to be re-shimmed. If that ever happens, you don’t want some cheap Batch Oven Doors that are simply made out of more oven panels and fastened together with angle iron…you want Industrial Strength Oven Doors with good hinges that you can actually work on.


There are many other advantages and disadvantages to every equipment choice, but when it comes time to purchase a Powder Coating Batch Oven or Powder Coating Batch System you should always partner with a professional.


You can easily go out and find a used oven to purchase, and sometimes they can be removed and set it up without a problem. My experience shows that not to be the case usually, my experience shows you rarely hear about the deals that went bad because…who would brag about that! Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who has been around awhile and seen MANY different things? Someone who can share some of his knowledge and hopefully keep you from making the same mistakes that I see over and over again out there.

If you would like to discuss this subject in more detail, we’re always available to help keep our customers on the RITE track. You can reach us at or at 888-647-9929888-647-9929 FREE



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Turnkey Batch Powder Coating Packages

For years Powder Coating has been on an upward trend of growth, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. One of the most popular systems being used is a Batch Powder Coating System.  Batch Systems offer much more flexibility when it comes to products being coated, types of finishes being applied, maintenance cost as well as overall purchase price. Bottom line, if you can get away with only using a Batch Powder Coating System, keep doing it.
Given the boost in popularity, there are a few different companies selling these types of systems. I guess you could compare it to buying a home stereo system. There are stores that sell stereo components, stores that sell complete systems and stores that can sell you both. If you buy a ready made system, you may or may not get exactly what you want, but it all depends on how much time and energy you want to spend. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the music and let someone else put in the time of picking out the equipment.

When making the initial purchase of your Powder System there are always things to consider (price, quality, operating costs, etc.), and as anyone just starting out can tell you you can use all the help that’s offered, but the hard part isn’t done once you’ve signed on the dotted line. Now you get to deal with things like marketing, pricing, working in the shop, shipping, and the list goes on from there. Again, any help y0u can get is useful.

That’s why, in addition to the excellent service you’re guaranteed from Buy Rite Finishing, every one of our Batch Powder Coating Systems is sold with a complete Equipment Guide. This is a portfolio with all of the information you will need to know about your system. There is a section for each piece of equipment or consumable, with helpful information, such as:

  1. Equipment Specifications
  2. Warranty Information
  3. Manufacturer’s Contact Information
  4. Re-ordering Information


We pride ourselves on service after the sale and our reputation speaks for itself, if our customer’s aren’t satisfied than the sale isn’t finished! We’ve been doing this a long time and we can’t afford to sell cheap equipment.  We deal with Manufacturers like Oven Empire, Fostoria, Wagner and Husker Finishing Equipment.  With over 75 years of combined experience, we’re always here to help, but if you would like to speak to the manufacturer of your equipment we want you to be able to do that.

Contact Buy Rite Finishing today at or at 888-647-9929888-647-9929 FREE to speak to one of our qualified sales team, and learn more about our Quality Batch Powder Coating Packages.

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