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Quick Color Change Systems

Quick Color Change Systems are becoming more and more popular as the industry of Powder Coating grows. This is not a new concept, as faster color changes mean more production time and more profit. Quick Color Change Systems can be used with automatic or manual powder systems, we will discuss Quick Color Change Systems for manual powder coating systems.
Prior to the box feeder, a fluidized hopper was used to transfer the powder material to the gun where it was sprayed onto the part. This method works very well and is still used today. The issue that you must overcome with hoppers is the cleanup and changing from one color to the next. Because of this, we saw the advent of the Vibratory Box Feeder. With this system, a color change that used to take 10 minutes, was now being done in 5. There were issues with the box feeders in the beginning, like poor fluidization and surging, but the faster color change made it seem worth it in most cases. Having said that, today’s box feeders are more efficient and easier to use than the box feeders in the beginning.
As the demand for an even faster color change grew, we saw the introduction of automated units from various manufacturers such as Wagner, Gema, Husker Finishing, etc.. Each unit comes with its own unique set of Pros and Cons, but the Quick Color Change System made by Husker Finishing Equipment is among our favorite. It is called the ColorBOARD.

The simplicity of the ColorBOARD, along with the attractive price tag, make this unit worth looking at. It has a total of six color stations, but is modular in design and can be custom ordered depending on how many colors you will be using it for. You can also hook multiple units together for a larger selection of colors.
Unlike other systems on the market, the ColorBOARD doesn’t discriminate from the type of powder coating gun you use. Since Husker Finishing Equipment does not manufacture or market a line of powder guns, they aren’t concerned with what is used with their system.
We currently use Nordson powder guns in our system so we easily hooked them up to the unit and started coating.
The unit didn’t require electrical power to run, unless you want to use the optional automatic purging function. All we did was hook compressed air into the unit and it did everything for us. It even has a place to hook our powder guns into and the same compressed air runs them too.
The auto purge uses 110V, just hit the start button and surges of air clean out the hose. We were able to go from pink to green and back to pink again with no cross contamination.
The thing that really set this unit apart was the price. Our system is the ColorBOARD 6.1, which allows us to switch between 6 colors with 1 powder gun, and the price was only $2,995.
Buy Rite Finishing is a distributor for Husker Finishing Equipment. They can be reached at 888-674-9929 or at

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