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Wagner Powder Guns

After spending over 30 years in the powder coating industry, the first half of my career spent running a powder coating operation, I’ve tried almost every production type powder coating gun on the market.

I found that Wagner just worked better and was the most dependable guns we used in our batch system , I used them back when I was operating the powder shop, and now we’re distributors of their fine equipment.  Since then, Wagner has been one of the first ones out in front with dependable technology and they have stayed out in front with new models boasting even newer technology. The mark of a worthy contender in this arena is not just purchase price out of the box, here are some of the other things to consider:

  1. EASE OF USE / How user friendly is the powder gun and can anybody just walk up and start coating with the gun?                    
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT / How heavy and bulky is the powder gun? When you’re holding a powder gun all day, and required to get in and out of tough spots, you don’t want something heavy and bulky to hold onto.
  3. REPLACEMENT PARTS / How easy is it to get replacement parts, how expensive are they to buy and how difficult is it to repair the gun in the field?
  4. DEPENDABILITY / How often are you dealing with breakdowns on the production line?
  5. COLOR CHANGES / How long does it take to do a color change?






When you are ready to look at new powder guns keep Wagner in mind. Talk with some Wagner customers or demo the gun yourself and see what you think.  Buy Rite Finishing carries a full line of Wagner Industrial powder coating guns and parts, along with a service shop that is factory trained to work on your equipment.

Contact us for your next powder gun purchase, or any other issues you may have with your powder system. We’ve been around a long time and are always here to help!

We can be reached at 888-647-9929888-647-9929 FREE or




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Quick Color Change Systems

Quick Color Change Systems are becoming more and more popular as the industry of Powder Coating grows. This is not a new concept, as faster color changes mean more production time and more profit. Quick Color Change Systems can be used with automatic or manual powder systems, we will discuss Quick Color Change Systems for manual powder coating systems.
Prior to the box feeder, a fluidized hopper was used to transfer the powder material to the gun where it was sprayed onto the part. This method works very well and is still used today. The issue that you must overcome with hoppers is the cleanup and changing from one color to the next. Because of this, we saw the advent of the Vibratory Box Feeder. With this system, a color change that used to take 10 minutes, was now being done in 5. There were issues with the box feeders in the beginning, like poor fluidization and surging, but the faster color change made it seem worth it in most cases. Having said that, today’s box feeders are more efficient and easier to use than the box feeders in the beginning.
As the demand for an even faster color change grew, we saw the introduction of automated units from various manufacturers such as Wagner, Gema, Husker Finishing, etc.. Each unit comes with its own unique set of Pros and Cons, but the Quick Color Change System made by Husker Finishing Equipment is among our favorite. It is called the ColorBOARD.

The simplicity of the ColorBOARD, along with the attractive price tag, make this unit worth looking at. It has a total of six color stations, but is modular in design and can be custom ordered depending on how many colors you will be using it for. You can also hook multiple units together for a larger selection of colors.
Unlike other systems on the market, the ColorBOARD doesn’t discriminate from the type of powder coating gun you use. Since Husker Finishing Equipment does not manufacture or market a line of powder guns, they aren’t concerned with what is used with their system.
We currently use Nordson powder guns in our system so we easily hooked them up to the unit and started coating.
The unit didn’t require electrical power to run, unless you want to use the optional automatic purging function. All we did was hook compressed air into the unit and it did everything for us. It even has a place to hook our powder guns into and the same compressed air runs them too.
The auto purge uses 110V, just hit the start button and surges of air clean out the hose. We were able to go from pink to green and back to pink again with no cross contamination.
The thing that really set this unit apart was the price. Our system is the ColorBOARD 6.1, which allows us to switch between 6 colors with 1 powder gun, and the price was only $2,995.
Buy Rite Finishing is a distributor for Husker Finishing Equipment. They can be reached at 888-674-9929 or at

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It’s never too late to learn something new!

Buy Rite Finishing is very excited to partner with Wagner Industrial Solutions in offering full representation of their application equipment? Powder Coating Gun Systems

Next week we will be sending two people to the Wagner laboratory, where they will learn about Wagner’s new line of automatic powder coating and liquid application equipment.
This will prove to be an excellent fit to our already impressive list of services:
DESIGN – we offer full system design, no matter how big or small.
NEW EQUIPMENT – we carry quality equipment from Husker Finishing, Wagner, Trimac, AZO, Fostoria, just to name a few.
USED EQUIPMENT – Buy Rite Finishing has a warehouse full of used finishing equipment and what we don’t have, we can probably get.
SERVICES – Equipment Removal, Installation, Transportation, etc.

Give us a call at 888-647-9929 or email us at to get put on the RITE track today!

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Buy Rite Finishing Makes the Front Page

Buy Rite Finishing’s name, mission, and products reached readers throughout the Midwest last month, when we were featured in two magazines, “Open for Business” and “Mid-America Commerce and Industry”.  Both magazines wrote terrific articles about the company and our products, and we even made it on the front page of “MACI” (Mid-America Commerce and Industry)!

“Open for Business” is a new magazine, local to central Nebraska, and we were fortunate enough to make it into their second issue. OFB’s publisher and co-founder, Lisa Tschauner wrote a fantastic article about Buy Rite Finishing, and more specifically, our product, the ColorBOARD! Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Buy Rite Finishing owners, Eric Beeson and his father, Jim Beeson, started Buy Rite Finishing in 2000. Prior to this, they had been on the service side of powder coating. They recognized the need for an experienced equipment finishing supplier for both used and new products.

The ColorBOARD is one of many developments from Buy Rite Finishing. Since its inception in 2010, the unit has been tested and sold to finishers throughout the United States. It has received rave reviews and has proven to be cost effective for powder coating operations.”

To read the full article click here! And make sure while you’re at it to check out the rest of the “Open for Business” webpage – it is full of great information and articles, and it’s an awesome way to advertise your company!

“Mid-America Commerce and Industry” featured Buy Rite Finishing on it’s cover for the March, Powder Coating and Industrial Services issue. MACI began in 1973, and serves up great industry information every month, focusing on businesses within Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Along with our cover photo, we had a featured article within the magazine where again the ColorBOARD gets put in the spotlight. You’ll find an excerpt from the article below:

“Buy Rite Finishing has been successful in launching its own proprietary products through research and development over the last five years. This line, Husker Finishing Equipment, includes powder hoppers, sieves, washing stations, cleaning materials and the most recognized, the ColorBOARD Color Management System.

The company has planned many new ventures in the near future as the business continues to develop. Its new facility will have a testing station for new and used equipment. Its team is also working on the development of training curriculum and certification programs for powder coaters.”

To read the full article you’ll have to get a subscription to MACI. You can find more information about the magazine, it’s previous issues, and how to subscribe by visiting their website!

We wanted to thank “Open for Business” and “Mid-America Commerce and Industry” for the opportunity to be featured in both of these awesome magazines! Have questions about the articles? Want to know more about the ColorBOARD? Interested in learning more about Buy Rite Finishing? Give one of our service experts a call at 888-647-9929 or email us at and we can get you headed in the “Rite” direction!


Eric and Jim Beeson on the cover of MACI - OFB shown behind

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Powder Coating Rejects

This week we wanted to take some time to talk about the powder coating process, more specifically the reasons behind powder coating rejects. Rejects from coating lines can come from a substrate defect, a surface contaminant or a coating material defect. Process controls should be implemented upstream of the coating line to prevent a defective substrate from entering the line. If a substrate is defective and has entered the coating line, it is important to recognize the source of the blemish and not waste time trying to fix the coating process to correct a pre-existing substrate condition.

Dirt on the surface of a coated part is a major concern for all coaters. Dirt may come from the air around the spray environment, from the application equipment or it may be in the coating material,  so it is important to remember that dirt in a powder coating can be screened out. Rotary sieves or vibratory sieves can be used to filter power fed from the collector module and integrated screeners can be built into the collector modules themselves. Even an all manual operation can screen powder by putting it through a stainless steel screen before loading it into the feed hopper. Powder should always be screened. Reclaim powder needs to screened to eliminate dust that has entered the booth. Virgin material should be screened to make sure that there are no chips or contaminants in the box.

Dirt from ineffective pretreatment can usually be corrected by changes in the process or control of the pretreatment system. Soils that are on the part from the manufacturing process that cannot be removed by a spray washer can usually be tracked to the source so a change can be made to eliminate them.

Airborne contaminants are the hardest to track and eliminate because they can come from so many different sources. Keeping a clean environment around the system is one of the best ways to reduce air borne dirt. Electrostatically applied powder can entrain airborne dirt and deposit it on the parts. The list below details some of the common sources of airborne contamination.

  • People – Air sampling of enclosed coating systems has shown that as much as 80% of the airborne contamination comes from the clothing, hair and shoes of personnel.
  • Nature – Pollen, road dust and other outdoor dirt are sometimes brought into the plant through doors, windows and unfiltered air supply systems.
  • The Building – Concrete floors may wear and give off dust.
  • Manufacturing – Mechanical operations in the manufacturing process may generate dust, metal shavings, or wood dust.
  • Process Equipment – The conveyor, the oven, the washer or other operations within the coating line can generate or concentrate dirt that will create a defect.

With all of these potential sources, the job of coating a part with no defects is a challenge to say the least. Have questions about the best way to eliminate powder rejects? Looking for a steam or pressure washer to add to your process? Need some advice on pretreatment stations? Give Buy Rite Finishing a call and one of our service experts will get you headed in the “rite” direction! We can be reached by calling 888-647-9929 or by sending us an email to


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The KCI “K Series” Powder Coating Guns

As an international distributor for KCI, we wanted to take some time to talk about their company, and the great equipment KCI offers. For more than 28 years, KCI has researched and developed innovative electrostatic powder spraying technologies and has come to be recognized in the industry for its high quality and high productivity solutions. Early this year, KCI released its new line of manual powder coating guns, the “K-Series”, replacing the “300 Series” which has since been discontinued. In this week’s blog, we wanted to cover some of the changes and differences between the two KCI lines, as well as provide a visual reference for what the units looked like.

The KCI 301 Manual Coating System

The KCI K1-1 Manual Coating System












The differences between the “300 Series” models and the “K-Series” models are relatively minor. The look of the control, gun, and cart (for hopper and box feeder units) received an update, and now sport a sleeker, more user friendly design. The control itself, other than the cosmetic update, has changed very little, still providing powder coaters with the same four pre-programmed modes as the “300 Series” – Coating Mode, Re-coat mode, Corner mode, and Pulse mode. At 16.6 ounces, the KCI manual powder gun is lightweight and well balanced to provide the highest level of operator comfort for increased productivity. A wide selection of spray nozzles, and extensions provides the ability to quickly adapt to specific or unique applications.

The new "K Series" control

Both the “300 Series” and the “K Series” have four distinct styles of the manual powder coating units – The K1-1 Manual Coating System (formerly the 301) hopper style unit, the K1-3 Mini Hopper Coating system (formerly the 303), the K1-4 Cup Gun Coating System (formerly the 304), and the K1-6 Box Feeder Coating System (formerly the 306). Each unit has distinct advantages and disadvantages, and choosing which unit to use largely depends on what application it would be used for, but also personal preference.

The KCI K1-6 Box Feeder Coating System

Interested in learning more about the KCI “K Series” units? Have questions about your current powder coating gun set up? Give one of our service experts a call at 888-647-9929 or email us and we can get you headed in the “Rite” direction!

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for your chance to get in on our contest, sweepstakes, and giveaways!

Also check out our channel on YouTube for great instructional and product videos, including an assembly video for a KCI unit!

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A BRF Company Update

It is once again time for the Buy Rite Finishing company update, where we overview all the excitement and events going on lately here at the BRF office! We made it through an unpredictable (to say the least) winter, and now we’re looking forward to what the rest of the year has to offer!

The last two and a half months have been business as usual for all of us here at BRF, we’ve been hard at work on all our major projects, as well as filling our day-to-day customer orders. We have also added a new team member to the group, Rhonda Chaney, and she’ll be working as our Office Administrator, assisting with all the office basics, along with some bookkeeping!

The biggest news in the Buy Rite Finishing world is the upcoming relocation! We will still be located in Hastings, NE, but will be moving our office building and warehouse to a new location, with everything now under one roof! This is going to make us much more efficient on our end, allowing us to provide a more efficient and faster turnaround time from order to delivery for our customers. The new 15,000 sq. ft. facility will have more than enough space for us to house our active inventory, our offices, and we will be adding an equipment testing facility, just one more service that BRF can do for you! We’re shooting for the April 1st to be our move in date, but will keep all our customers informed with details as we transition from one facility to the next!

Another thing to keep an eye out for is our new and improved website! We are looking to launch the new look for our website in the coming weeks, but we don’t have a definitive date set yet, so keep an eye out, and don’t be surprised if you visit our homepage and the change has happened! The new website will be the same that you’re used to, but with a more user-friendly interface, and a sleeker design.

We have exciting plans for 2014, and can’t wait to see what the rest of this year holds for Buy Rite Finishing! Have any questions about the new location or new website? Give us a call at 888-647-9929 to speak to any of our experts, and we can get you headed in the “Rite” direction!

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Selecting the Proper Gun Attachment

Selecting proper gun attachments is another important consideration in powder delivery systems. There are a host of different tips available today by all manufacturers for all equipment. There are flat spray nozzles, extension tips, various deflector sizes and shapes. Each of these tips serve different purposes and create different cloud patterns for penetrating different areas.

It is important to have flexibility with cloud patterns, particularly when you’re running a job shop with multiple metals and lots of different geometries.

The powder cloud adjustment is really important. Normally when you receive a powder coating gun, (when it’s brand new) it comes with a very large deflector, creating a very large cloud pattern. Well, if you’re coating very small parts with a very large cloud pattern, the chances are good that you’re not getting down to a reasonable transfer efficiency rate. You’re coating the air surface around the part way more than the actual part itself.

If you have too fine or too tight of a powder cloud, changing the deflector can cause too much velocity unless the powder delivery system is backed off accordingly. The proper setting is a small tip for a small part, a big tip for a big part, with just enough powder to get coverage on the part. Remember that the goal is to get the powder out of the box onto the part, not through the collector system.

Powder cloud adjustment is something that requires a little skill, a little time behind the gun and trying different tips. There is no perfect tip for all applications. Experiment with them.

Extension lances will help you get into recessed areas. It also makes it easier for the applicator. Think about it, you’re covering a two-foot area and you’re trying to do that with a manual gun with a short tip. When you spray like that, it takes a lot of arm action to cover a certain area. If you’ve got an extension, much less action is needed to cover the same area.

Have questions about gun attachments? Need to order some replacement tips? Give one of our service experts a call at 888-647-9929 and we can get you heading in the “Rite” direction! You can also contact us via email at

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for weekly updates, product information, and giveaways!

Various Nozzles, deflectors, and extensions

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Meet the BRF Team: Jim Beeson

As the patriarch of the Beeson family, Jim forges the efforts and leads the crew of powder coating industry experts at Buy Rite Finishing. As the Operations Manager, he is the one who is often behind the scenes making things happen, and balancing the books. He brings some occasional levity to the work day but is also often the one asking the difficult questions. He appreciates the numbers and the importance of good marketing. His backgrounds as a plant manager and leader have served him well to running the business.

Jim was born in Texas, and his family moved to Compton, CA shortly after, and this is where he grew up there through his formative years. He went to work right out of high school in 1960 for a company called Arrowhead Products. He worked his way up the ranks, and by 1966 he was the Accounting Supervisor with over 30 people working under him. Jim left Arrowhead Products, and went to work for Borg-Warner, where he became the youngest Plant Manager the company had ever had, and one of the only without a college degree. Once he left Borg-Warner, he went to work as a Supervisor for Ingersol-Rand, and remained there until 1986 when the pivotal moment in his career finally happened. In 1986, Jim bought his own company, Metal Technologies, where he learned all the in’s and out’s of the powder coating industry. In 2000, Jim sold Metal Technologies, and he and his son Eric launched Buy Rite Finishing, not knowing that it would become one of the nation’s foremost powder coating equipment suppliers.

Here is Jim’s take on getting the company started, and the challenges he’s encountered along the way:

“My 25 years of experience in Plant Management with major corporations taught me some important lessons. First, nothing happens without the customer’s order, and second, a company is only as good as its employees.

I wanted to put these lessons learned into practice with my own business. When the opportunity presented itself to start my own business I jumped at the chance.

Starting out in the Powder Coating Industry has provided many satisfying challenges to learn new processes and to meet new people. Operating a business with family members has presented some unique challenges as well, but with very rewarding results.

Our mission has been to make Buy Rite Finishing a premier supplier of new and used powder coating equipment, offer related services and to maintain a base of customers that continually return to Buy Rite Finishing for their equipment needs.”

So whether you are new to powder coating, or have been in the industry for years, give Jim a call and dig into the wealth of knowledge that comes with almost 30 years in the industry! You can talk to Jim or any of our service experts by calling 888-647-9929, or email us at We would love to hear from you!

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The ColorBOARD

Here at Buy Rite Finishing, we are very proud of all the things we’ve accomplished over the years, and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for all of our amazing customers. As our business grew and our customer base expanded, we saw a niche in the market for a color management system that would allow our customers to save time and money, and in turn allow us to develop a product that our customer’s would really appreciate. Thus, the ColorBOARD was born, or at least the idea, it’s taken some time for the product idea to come to life, but now the ColorBOARD is available, and ready to make a powder coater’s life just a bit easier! In this week’s blog, we will be going a bit more in depth on what the ColorBOARD is, what it does, and why it is an essential piece of equipment for any powder coating shop.

The ColorBOARD is a color management system that allows for quick and easy color changes from a compact and cost effective unit. It is designed to be used with one or two powder guns and multiple hoppers. With its durable construction and uncomplicated design the ColorBOARD is simple to install, maintain and operate. Why choose the ColorBOARD you ask? Here are just a few reasons that the ColorBOARD out performs the competition:

  • “Pre-load” multiple colors to minimize costly clean up and downtime during production hours.
  • Comes standard as wall/booth mount unit to handle 6 colors; hook multiple ColorBOARD’s together for additional color capability.
  • Custom order the ColorBOARD at no additional charge to accommodate virtually any brand of application equipment
  • Steel quick couplers and connections are durable enough to withstand the harsh environments of your powder shop.
  • With many different options available, you can customize your ColorBOARD to fit your needs.
  • The optional ColorCART allows convenient and mobile access to the powder hoppers and controls. With our vibratory box feeder you now have the ultimate in flexibility and convenience!
  • Made in the USA!

How does it work you ask? Well in just four easy steps, you can change colors in under a minute!

  1. When ready to switch colors you simply disconnect the powder feed hose from its current location
  2. Clean out the powder hose with the supplied air gun, or use the optional ColorPURGE
  3. Using our exclusive quick couplers, reattach the powder feed hose to the next color
  4. Then with the use of quick disconnects, move the control air over to the new color, and you’re ready to get back to coating!

We recently put together a promotional video for those looking to see exactly what the ColorBOARD is all about, and you can view it by clicking here! – ColorBOARD Video

Interested in getting a ColorBOARD, or want to see one in action? Give one of our service experts a call at 888-647-9929 and we can get you heading in the “Rite” direction! You can also contact us via email at

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for weekly updates, product information, and giveaways!

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