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Automatic Powder Coating > Overhead Conveyors

Husker Finishing Equipment is experienced in the application and installation of many different types of overhead conveyor systems that are used throughout finishing systems everywhere.  


Pac Line • UniBilt • Rapid • Richards-Wilcox

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2" • 3" • 4" • 6"

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Power and Free

UniBilt over UniBilt • UniBilt over 3" • 3" over 3" • 4" over 4"

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Besides the conveyors listed above, we are proud to handle Niko Track. Niko Track is a revolutionary type of conveyor system utilizing multiple transfer switches and devices. With infinite system design you get the benefit of power and free without the price tag, maintenance/upkeep or the elaborate layouts. Niko Track can help boost efficiency and productivity through manual only, power only and manual/powered systems while still providing you with a simple yet affordable conveyor system.  Plus it is modular so unlike most other conveyor, you can customize your system at any time! 

Give us a call at 402.984.2649 to find out what Niko Track can do for you.

Various Track Configurations

Powder Coating Line with Convection Oven

Multiple Processes for Paint Finishing:
Wash, Powder Coating with Convection Oven Cure

Simple Powder Coating Cell with Convection Cure

Powder Cell with in-line Wash System using a Powered Loop

Small Compact Powder Coating Line

Multiple Finishing Capability with side shifting for long parts

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