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If you thought that your batch system needs an overhead conveyor we offer a solution:

Our conveyor systems are designed operate smoothly in virtually any working environment and offer infinite possibilities with a wide variety of switches, track and turntables. We will take the time to understand your goals and then one of our experienced salespeople will custom design a system just for you. Whether it is a manual conveyor system, an automatic conveyor system or a combination of both - we have your solution.

  • Capacities available to handle working loads up to 3,520 pounds for a wide range of applications.
  • Flexible track mounting systems for simple field installation and expansion with standard hardware and components.
  • Track and switches are electro-galvanized for complete protection in interior OR exterior applications
  • NIKO TRACK overhead conveyor systems can be seamlessly integrated with their lightweight crane and lifting equipment by way of automatic latching devices. This allows the load bars to be used in processes such as paint finish lines or dipping operations and be efficiently transferred to other processes or areas of the plant.
  • Automatic switches and precision corner track components allow for load bars to travel through a process and be side shifted in to an accumulation area for storage, process dwell time, additional applications, etc.
  • The enclosed style of track has precision tapered sides so a fully loaded trolley can be moved with minimum force. This also ensures that the trolleys will self locate and achieve the correct positioning every time.
  • NIKO TRACK’s unique side loading powered conveyor allows for multiple powered loops to automatically move parts through different processes while still maintaining manual transfer when necessary. This alternative offers the ability for different transfer speeds through different areas of your system, we can also reduce the labor content found on traditional overhead conveyor systems. With this, you really can have a “lean manufacturing cell”.
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Buy Rite Finishing is experienced in the application and installation of many different types of overhead conveyor systems that are used throughout finishing systems everywhere.  


Pac Line • UniBilt • Rapid • Richards-Wilcox

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2" • 3" • 4" • 6"

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Power and Free

UniBilt over UniBilt • UniBilt over 3" • 3" over 3" • 4" over 4"

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Besides the conveyors listed above, we are proud to handle Niko Track. Niko Track is a revolutionary type of conveyor system utilizing multiple transfer switches and devices. With infinite system design you get the benefit of power and free without the price tag, maintenance/upkeep or the elaborate layouts. Niko Track can help boost efficiency and productivity through manual only, power only and manual/powered systems while still providing you with a simple yet affordable conveyor system.  Plus it is modular so unlike most other conveyor, you can customize your system at any time! 

Give us a call at 402.984.2649 to find out what Niko Track can do for you.

Various Track Configurations

Powder Coating Line with Convection Oven

Multiple Processes for Paint Finishing:
Wash, Powder Coating with Convection Oven Cure

Simple Powder Coating Cell with Convection Cure

Powder Cell with in-line Wash System using a Powered Loop

Small Compact Powder Coating Line

Multiple Finishing Capability with side shifting for long parts

For more information, please email or call us at 888.647.9929.