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Thank you for visiting our website! Buy Rite Finishing is a three generation family-owned company that can satisfy virtually any requirement when it comes to quality powder coating equipment. Our mission is to always deliver the best solutions and high quality products to our valued customers. Your success is our success!

The KCI K1 Series powder system offers 4 factory programmed settings to conquer any coating challenge:
  1. Pulse Coating Mode: Rapidly recharges the powder for increased transfer efficiency in many cases
  2. Corner Mode: Adjusts the voltage while holding current when coating complicated shapes and corners
  3. Re-Coat Mode: Adjusts voltage and current in one-touch to allow for recoating of parts
  4. Normal Coating Mode: This preset maximizes voltage allowing for superior transfer efficiency for larger coating jobs
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Buy Rite Finishing began in the year 2000 as a supplier of quality used equipment and continues that today. Sometimes used equipment is in need of some TLC to make it function as good as new and that might require some replacement wear items. With that in mind, we have a repair facility and inventory to rebuild many different types of powder coating equipment by most manufacturers.

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The ColorBOARD color management system is available in wall mount,
rail mount or cart mount. You simply supply the compressed air and the powder guns and the ColorBOARD does the rest. Color changes can now be done in under 30 seconds, in four easy steps…
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Every Batch Powder System starts with these essentials… you can customize yours from here!

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